Friday, August 14, 2009


( Here is part of the crew relaxing in the hot tub.)
We have been on Staycation this week, My dear sister went on her Real vacation for a week and a half. And we crashed at their house for a week, I mean we house sit there pool and dogs.
Thier house is like a hotel to us.
They have a pool, hot tub, good t.v, king size bed,
enough t.vs to make everyone happy, and a trampoline.
Its like a hotel a block away. So we staycationed there this last week.
We have watched WAY too much t.v , all of us. I usually never watch t.v and I have logged me some HGTV hours this week. And the kids have watched enough spongebob to last them .ok Me a life time . We don't have any cartoon channels at our house except good old PBS and those cartoons are over at noon. So non-stop cartoons is a Huge treat for the kiddos. Its been relaxing change of pace, even though I still have to clean house every day and cook, take care of a pool, and couple dogs. Its a different routine. That sometimes we all need. So we are so glad that my dear sister and brother in law and there kids can afford a real vacation so we can use there house for ours.

(Dad and the girls roasting marshmallows on grill after dad grilled dinner.)

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  1. Hmm, that's what i did on my vacation too. Except I had to drive 1000 miles to get there, and they weren't nice enough to leave when we moved in.