Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sometimes getting the blues makes things so much prettier.

I love my blue crate I got at a garage sale , I actually got 2 of them for $6.50 for the pair. They are heavy ! They have metal bottoms. I didn't know what I would do with them when I bought them. I am not much of a blue person So they will probably get a paint job sometime soon.

Anyway... My great Idea for this crate I put my stacking letter trays in it, and I had room to put phone books and , our personal family phone book, and the kids chore binder in there also and it looks so nice and neat. This all sits out in the open on the window seat.

The red thing on top is a Photo file that I got at the dollar store and I use it for filing receipts, I just printed off the Monogram R on the computer and slipped into the front, it is the Monogram for our last name or it could stand for receipts. This works out well to slip receipts in easily and also looks o.k to have sitting out.

Now what to do with the other one of these lovely crates HMMMM.....

This is what it looked like before the
crate. Except that I also cleaned out a basket
that had the phone books in it .
I think it looks so much better, especially
from the front door.


  1. I love your old blue crates. I wonder what they were used for originally.

  2. I love your blue crates too! I love blue and I need summer to end so that I re-fall in love with my yellows and reds. I'm so tempted to paint a bunch of things that gorgeous rustic blue! Nice change :).


  3. Beth I Love reds and yellows also. Actually if we ever get our house sold and move I will be using yellow allot more in my decorating then I have in this house. Unfortunately fall is right around the corner since all the kids start school next week, UGH!