Saturday, August 15, 2009

Part 1 bathroom makeover The before shots

This is my main bathroom in our house, (with 8 people). Don't think that you are just not seeing everything in the photo because you are. It is that small. But this is not about our tiny bathroom.
This is about a budget redo. This is a before photo .
Now don't go telling me how ugly it is because I did decorate it like this, kinda. The wood paneling was there, the sink, vanity was already there. I just repainted the walls did the plaster texture on the walls and added the border to the wall. The clock is new , my son did just buy that for me for my birthday, Which I love but I am very aware it is too small for that big wall ( it made me chuckle to write big wall, about this bathroom.) I redid this about 5 years ago, and trust me it is sooo much better then it was then.
Well now I am over the border and all the brown in there. Since it is soo small I thought it needed to be brighter and lighter. Also I wanted to tie into the laundry room that it is connected to so it would feel a bit bigger.

This is my very ugly vanity that I am planning a makeover on. It needs an extreme makeover.

This is a photo of a very tall
( 10ft tall ceilings)
wall. That shows off the start of a plan
last time I painted to make the ceiling feel lower. O.k That I never finished it. But the ceilings are so tall with the room so small nobody looks straight up to see.
But that is all about to change. I have
a new plan that everyone is sure to
notice. So I wanted to be sure and
show you what it looked like before so
you will be properly amazed by the after
haha. We hope it turns out better
then my last idea for the ceiling in

So that is the before stay tuned for
a few during and then the After hopefully soon since this is the only real bathroom for us.


  1. 8 of you in there??? Wow. That's impressive in itself. Can't wait to see what you do with the space. I'm hoping it involves painting your paneling white. It would look great white! Thanks for visiting me earlier ;).

  2. I have been in the bathroom quite a few times and have never noticed the ceiling wasn't finished. You're right, with a room that small and a ceiling that tall you would have to look straight up to see it. I'm excited to see what is to come!