Thursday, August 6, 2009

glass makes ice cream even sweeter

I started to dish up the kids ice cream in regular plastic bowls last night and remembered my new ( to me, from a garage sale for .25 a piece, now that makes me smile) So I pulled them out and dished up the 4 glasses. I was ready for complaints from the kids that it wasn't very much ice cream and requests for more. Because they are not very big. So I called The 4 kids that were home down for ice cream. ( good thing only 4 were home because that would have caused trouble if everyone didn't get one, I have to find 4 more) The kids all said OOOOOOOOOOOOO fancy and were very excited about them no complaints about the small bowl or requests for more. I think the presentation took over, and they were smiling also.
I do need to find 4 more or 8 more so I still will have enough when they get broke. I am glad I bought them even though I knew I did not have room for them in my tiny kitchen. It was defiantly a lesson in " its all in the presentation."

So far I have been unsuccessful in convincing them that my small pretty white bowls are great for cereal. Or that the small glass juice glasses are great for juice. I guess in those cases bigger is better and trumps pretty or fancy.

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