Monday, September 14, 2009

New Bathroom Finally!

We are finally done. It was a labor of love. it was a cheap redo , well of course it was, I did it but this might be the ultimate cheap redo for me. This is a Tiny tiny bath room so it needed all the help it could get to seem bigger. Before we bask in the pretty lets look at the before

Look at that expensive big crown molding, of course all 100 year old homes have that right.... Well not this one. We had door trim molding in the basement we painted it white, and we bought very small trim at Sutherlands that was like $1.79 a piece we painted that white . We hung them both up there with about 6 inch space between and then we painted the wall white between. It looks fabulous. You do not know it is not big crown molding just looking at it. And the total cost for that was $6.50 I believe since we had the top trim in the basement. But even that is cheap cheap stuff about $2.75 a piece.
My Fan makes me so Happy because it did make me so unhappy we got everything all painted looking good and the fan ( sorry no before, but imagine a $20 fan with wood grain blades, and bright gold metal, that had seen its better day. ) I looked terrible up there. I decided I would try to paint it before I bought one , I had nothing to lose it wasn't staying up there looking like that. So I ( I, meaning dear hubby) took all the blades down I cleaned them well, and spray painted them white and dear hubby sprayed the fan rubbed bronze spray paint while it hung on the ceiling. It looks sooo good, it looks like we bought a new fan. cost $0 we had the paint . but it was $1.00 white from Walmart and $5.00 paint from Sutherlands.
Do you remember this cabinet? I know it looks like it is new. but it is but a labor of love. Same cabinet as this
So I sanded it all , used wood putty to fill in the carved in designs, sanded them flush on the drawers, We added trim ( screen trim , super cheap $1.25 , for 8 ft) we added the trim to the front top and the door. It covered up the engraved section on 99% of it , but nothing a little caulk can't fix, We primed and painted it country white semi gloss same at the walls. I needed different handles but needed a cheap fix, I took of the excisting knobs off sanded them ( they were porcelain ) spray primed them and spray painted silver on them. Again if it didn't work I wasn't out anything if it didn't work they had to go. I chose silver to match the faucet and shower faucet, I really wanted black. But silver looks fine and they are holding up GREAT not one scratch and with a family of 8 that is good. I do need to add one back to the door. I took it off it was in the center of the door I thought it made it looked dated, so I filled in that hole and I want to put the knob in the corner but I need a longer bolt since it will have to also go through the trim work.

How about that black mirror. I just took the door down and spray painted it black. I could not decide what to paint it with it being on both the white and green wall I couln't use either of those colors so good old black it was and I think it looks great. cost part of a $1.oo can of gloss black paint.

The shower curtan was a $.10 find at a garage sale I was sooo excited it had the cloth curtain and plastic liner. I think it is perfect.

the paneling was sanded , primed and painted semi gloss country white from walmart $15.00.
The walls are a custom green. For my laundry room that joins this room I wanted a green so I bought an oops can of green paint I didn't like it it was too minty. So we added a gallon of white it did nothing , so we added another, and a 1/2 gallon of dark brown to darken it a little. and a couple bottles of craft paint brown and we got this green so my one can of painted ended up being in a 5 gallon bucket, so the bathroom is that color. and probably another room will still be this color someday.

We had a new vanity top white we got at a garage sale for $10.00 but it got broke while waiting on the this project so that is sad.

I think that is about it. I had a couple things for the wall I got some big frames from a garage sale for 4 for $1 that I painted white to go on big wall behind door.I was going to layer them on top of each other , and I also got a stack of white platters and saucers to hang on wall behind toilet, however hanging things on plaster walls can not be pretty. and since we are selling I haven't hung anything up I do not want to have chips on the wall. I got the stack of plates of .50 for 8 of them.

So the total for the room

$ 15 white paint we only used half of the gallon so $7.50 really
$ 7 mildew preventer added to both paints
$ .25 for silver paint
$ 1.00 for white spray paint for fan blades
$ .10 shower curtain
$ green paint left over from laundry
$ bronze paint already had used about $.75 of it.
$ 11.00 for all of trim work
$ .50 bucket and tray
$ 1.00 black paint for mirror, sticks, tray
$ free sticks painter black

not on here but bought
$1.00 frames
$.50 plates.

total $31.50

How great is that it looks so much better so much brighter, cleaner and bigger. All that for under $40 can't beat that. I love being in there now.
Oh my stick center piece now has a black crow sitting in it for Halloween decor, it freaked the kids out haha that was worth it. I found the bird stuffed under the sink today, I don't think they liked my decor .