Monday, February 21, 2011

The Afters of Month one of Our new year new sister project.

I have had these projects done before our deadline , which was Feb 14th but have had a problem getting the picture posted. So my sister has had no proof that I actually did them all. I have to get better at the posting part. She has her before and afters posted so check them out and see what she has been busy doing. If you missed what we are doing check here. And better descriptions of my before are here


Here is the before of the table in the library

Unusable and made me crazy

Here is the after . We can actually use the table. We hung up the shelf to clear more space on the table, and I wanted space for the art caddy I made. I was going to throw the file bag hanging on the door away since I had no use for it. But as I was looking for a good place to put color books close to the art supplies, this is what came about, the color books fit perfectly on there side, and stay hidden.

Here is a close up of the art caddy, I got the two pieces at a thrift shop, one was a ugly brown lazy susan, and the other I think was a condiment holder but no longer had the cups in them. I painted them and glued them together. I finally found cups that would fit in the holes. and the little buckets fit perfectly beside them. It holds skinny markers , fat markers, color pencils, crayons, and scissors. and the the whole thing spins and fits nicely under the shelf to make more table space. I am thrilled with it.

This is a close up of the shelf. I have had it forever, picked it up at a garage sale for a couple bucks it has been sitting on a bench just as a display shelf ever since I bought it. I decided it needed to be more useful now. I picked up the buckets at thrift stores and target dollar spot, I lined the back with wrapping paper to liven it up, I like the floral ( bottom middle slot). However until the wild wallpaper in the room goes away I can't add too much color or pattern in this room. the buckets hold glue, twist up crayons, pencils, small markers, erasers and small stapler. The two baskets on top hold some sewing items. Yes the clock is hanging on the wall not leaning. It needs raised or moved. It no longer works there since we hung the shelf. All and all it has worked out great.


This the before on the closet we have been building out of a side porch on our home. During Christmas it had turned into a dumping ground for all stuff with no place to go and decoration boxes.
This picture is standing at one end looking down. That is the door into our room on the left, and the box on the end is a closet in a closet we built using the other door that came off onto the porch. I will have to show that more latter.

Standing at the other end looking the opposite direction.

Here is the after, I am thrilled, to have a closet again. Our clothes have been hanging on a rack in our room since we moved in 9 months ago. It is not done But we got more done this month then I had even hoped. We got it all painted, trim painted, ceiling painted, carpet laid, rods hung and about half the shelves put in. We
Painted it a light blue gray, with white trim
and a white beadboard ceiling . I love it ! it is
so calming. Who doesn't need a calm closet, If I shown you the wallpaper in the bedroom you would understand.
this is standing at one end looking to the back, this is the ironing board space my hubby has forever. It was built to hold this ironing board, a iron hanger, and an outlet for an iron and enough floor space to iron.
this is standing at the back looking toward the door, there are a couple more projects that will be happening in this space. , But look at that mirror on the brick wall.... swoon. luv it.


Before: the Library shelves

The original after of the shelves

and a picture I took today a month latter with out me having to do anything to them

See you can tell its a new picture, the book in the basket is a book about spring. That basket is for our books for that season or holiday so they don't get lost in the shuffle and miss getting read.


Before: under the kitchen sink. ( those dishes are clean, they are on the clean side )

Here's is a close up of the wrapping paper I modpodged to the bottom, and then
I put clear contact paper over it. It is so happy
Ya!! Doors and painted a lovely white.
Here is how the cabinet looks now, I also painted
the inside of the cabinet yellow to help brighten it
so it wasn't such a dark hole . That really helped
allot. I Love how clean and organized it is.

That is my 4 projects all done, everyone one of them has made a big difference in the living in the house. I didn't no any staging for any of these pictures as you can tell. Just keeping it real. I mean 8 of us do live here.

Now to post the next 4 projects for this month. I have one of them done already ya!!! This month I am picking projects that aren't going to cost me money as it is real tight around here this month. So Check back in soon to see what I am working on this month.

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  1. You did great!!! The little art table and the closet is impressive. Great job!