Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 weeks of Before projects for the month.

Here is a list of the Before pictures of my projects for the next 4 weeks. In our New year New Sister project.

First up is the table in the Library. This Table is the kids Art and craft table, homework, and I sew at this table when I sew. It usually is bad but not quite this bad, It does have a stack of puzzles and games on it that were just added to it. It does accumulate allot of stuff on it, and the supplies are a mess. I want to clear it and come up with a good system for the supplies that need to go here.
Next is a Big, Huge , Giant project. It is finishing the inside of this closet. We started this closet in Oct. Our room did not have a closet, but it did have a side porch on it , so we enclosed it. We got as far as drywall mudding and taping, and we are terrible at it. So it was slow process. The holidays came and we started stacking all kinds of holiday boxes in here, everything that needed to be out of sight, so it became a storage bin. It is time to get this done so I can have a closet. The top picture is standing at one end , and the bottom picture is standing at the other end. ( see the art work on the wall, Em was excited that she had permission to draw on the wall.)

For this project We need to finish sanding, scrape ceiling, prime ceiling, paint ceiling, paint trim, paint walls, paint the bead board wall, paint moulding, lay carpet, install shelves and rods, build shoe storage, put in moulding. Add hooks to beadboard wall. That is a long list! I don't know if we can get this done in 4 weeks.

( those are clean dishes in the sink)

Last of the 4 projects, my under the sink cabinet. This has looked like this since Sept I believe. We had to replace the cabinet due to a leak, from before we bought the house. So we put in a new cabinet, and new sink, and faucet, and garbage disposer. I painted the cabinet and primed the doors and there it has sat. without doors, unorganized. So it is time to finish the doors, paint the inside of cab to brighten it up, cover the bottom of the cab, and organize it. So it is usable space that looks better. This cabinet replacement of course lead to redoing the back splash right then and that will be an upcoming project to fix that issue. (GRRR)

Below is just a little project , because I was on a roll this weekend. I was trying to find a good place for gloves by the back door, that the dog couldn't get. I have this little dresser by the back door, and the top drawer were still full of summer stuff, sunblock, bug spray , little fans, bubbles, sidewalk chalk. All the stuff we used all the time this summer, and I guess once we stopped using those items I just gave up the drawer. So I cleared it out to another storage space for off season and moved winter in to the drawer. In it is garage opener, shopping bags, and gloves. Perfect.
I think I have enough to keep me busy for a few weeks. I really want to get it all done. My list of upcoming projects is soooo long.

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  1. Looks like you will definitely be busy this month. You're not covering the brick and window in your soon to be closet are you? I love it, you're just going to want to hang out in there when it's all done. I'll be watching for after photos of these areas.