Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Month 2 . Here are the before pics

We are starting our 2nd month of our project. Actually it started last week so I am behind now, Dang! I hate starting out behind on things. So I better get a move on, and I am sure posting this post alone will take as long as doing the projects. I don't know why posting is sooo hard. I have to be doing something wrong. Anyway......

I picked projects for this month that will require very little money to complete.

Project 1 painting the laundry room and sunroom. It was started and then abandoned when we had a family emergency and never was picked up again.
These two pictures show the contrast of the before and after. We are covering up the green and painting yellow. We already have the paint bought for this project.

Project 2
redoing the kitchen backsplash...... again!!
It was a single row of tile with green painted wall. I did not like it at all. So we put in the beadboard. I think it was in Sept. So it was painted a lovely shade of gray and lots of poly that as time went on got more and more yellow and looked terrible!! If just keeps getting worse. So I need to sand, prime and repaint and then get the right poly so it doesn't turn yellow.

You can see on the two following pictures the difference from what it is suppose to be to the terrible smokers house for 50 years color it turned. The light spots are where my hubby touched it up before it started turning yellow, and that paint didn't have poly on it.
So I already have the primer , and paint for this. I will need to buy a different poly a water based one this time. Live an learn.

Project #3
I have a love hate relationship with them. I love looking at a magazine it is my sanctuary to immerse myself in one. However they multiply I have a hard time parting with them. so I have to continually sort, and purge them.
I have not done anything with the ones I kept when we moved, except add to them in the two baskets that you see, and the box is full of the ones I moved with . This takes up the whole floor on my side of the bed.
I need to purge, and sort , and come up with a storage plan.
I do find I buy allot less since I read blogs now as my inspiration.
yes, I was sorting socks right before taking pictures so those are matched clean socks in the pic waiting to be put away.... sorry about that.

And Project #4 This was was in the after pictures of last month. We will see this corner a couple more times before it is all said and done. This month I want hooks installed on this wall. This should be easy. I felt like I needed an easy one considering the first 3.

So there is my 4 projects for this month. It will be a relief when I can check these things off the never ending list. I am ready for a project that is a little more creative then what I have done so far......

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  1. Wow, that poly really did yellow that paint. I didn't realize it would do that what kind did you use? and what should you have used?